Q1. What is Earn Money program is all about?

Mobile apps are very useful these days and everyone download many mobile apps as per requirement or entertainment. But Earn Money provides you to earn money as well for each mobile application you download/install thru it on your mobile. The amount further can be redeemed against Payment of Paypal for your or your friend.

Q2. How do I sign up for Earn Money membership account?

When you download Earn Money app on your mobile and provides your Email ID, it automatically registers your Email ID.

Q3. Is Earn Money program free?

Yes. Earn Money program is completely free for Android mobile users. In turn it pays you for each offer you opt thru it.

Q4. What are requirements of joining Earn Money program?

You must have Andriod, Iphone, Window smart phone and Website.

Q5. Is Internet connection is necessary while accessing Earn Money ?

Yes. It is necessary to that you are connected to Internet thru Data Connection or WiFi as it picks all best offers filtered for you from Server.

Q6. How can I see the list of offers that I completed & earned amount?

Check .Account Summary. section on Earn Money mobile app for list of offers availed, Earned amount & redeemed amount.

Q8. How Invite friends work and how do I benefited thru it?

Click on .Invite Friends. section on Earn Money mobile app and invite your frineds from mobile contact list via Text message/Whatsapp, or Facebook friends. Every friend who joins thru your invite, will give you opportunity to earn some predefined amount that will be credited to your Earn Money account.

Q9. Can I watch video any number of times?

You can watch video any number of times but respective amount will be credited to your Earn Money account only from the first time you watch video.

Q10. Can I uninstall & install any other mobile app that are part of Earn Money offers?

No. It is strictly prohibited to uninstall & install any mobile app multiple times to avail the offer amount. Your mobile number, device id is being tracked at Earn Money server & at client end to track new users & returning users. Therefore no amount will be credited if you uninstall & reinstall thru Earn Money for offer amount.

Q11. Can I register with multiple mobile numbers & Email ID ?

No. It is strictly prohibited to register with multiple numbers from your mobile. Earn Money server has record of your device Id as well mobile number by which you register for the first time. The mobile number is verified on installed mobile device by Earn Money app using OTP.

Q12. Can I use Mobile Emulators?

No. Usage of mobile emulators to install Earn Money app is strictly prohibited. The mobile number & device is tracked thru Earn Money server and the same is verified by sending Mail to mobile Email which on receiving is automatically read by Earn Money app.

Q13. Is my personal information is secure that I provide in .My Profile. Section ?

Yes. Personal information shared by Earn Money users is completely secure with us. Please read Privacy Policy for more information this.

Q14. Do I earn some amount with all offers?

Most of offers that you availed thru Earn Money will give you opportunity to earn some amount with it however there are few utility offers are also available for which on request of client, we are unable to provide you incentive. But most of the non-incentive offers are packed with some very good discounts from the client itself if you avail those offers thru Earn Money app.